Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Tuesday 14th November 2006 (T - 34 and counting )

Julie and Peter doing our 'models with long leg pose' Doesn't the garden look great!!
Quarry Croft at it's best... the next place will have to be Shangri-la to beat this!!!

Just been tidying up some storm damage to the willows, and everything is getting ready for the winter.

As soon as the weather is right, The old bus is going to have a face lift with some Celtic designs.
Old faithful is almost ready to hit the road...we now have hot and cold running water and a complete electrical system. There are working cooking facilities and a fridge for the wine, but as yet no heating....so back to E-bay.

Julz is away brushing up her french...I think she is taking this far too seriously, after all we both use makaton and everybody in the world speaks English, or at least understands it if you speak loud enough.