Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Off at last ... first stop Ballachulish

We went to Ballachulish to visit Peter’s son Richard who works at a hotel there.

We parked the ‘van in the car park outside the Tourist Information building in the town.

The next morning was clear and frosty and we went for a walk along the shore and old harbour with the dogs.

The sheds here are made of Ballachulish slate; I like the composition of this picture and may get round to painting a picture of it sometime!!!

Later on we went round the coast and Peter picked a bagful of large mussels uncovered at low tide and I made mussels in garlic and white wine for dinner when Richard joined us after his shift. Peter must have eaten a bad mussel as he was very sick later that evening… I was quite fine and I can only imagine Richard was OK too as he didn’t phone to say otherwise!!!

Off round the coast towards the Isle of Bute tomorrow.


Pachuco Cadaver said...
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Hobo Chang Ba said...

I was fine!