Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Barbecue and Jam session

The gasket finally arrived on Saturday, complete with new studs but no new nuts, we got some in the Renault garage in Eguzon and then we went back to the camperstop area at the ‘Pont des Piles’ where there was a tap for fresh water and a dump for grey water as we had left the campsite. Meantime we had found an internet Wifi connection we could tap into in Eguzon and had emailed Lolo as we had lost his phone number. Peter managed to fit the new gasket and I busied myself cleaning out the ‘van and puddling about with watercolours! We were heading back to the campsite for a shower but halfway up the hill we passed Lolo, Seb and Lulu in Seb’s car. They had come to find us to bring us back to Lolo’s house for a barbecue! We loaded up with food and booze at the ‘Super U’ supermarket on the way!

Some pictures from that night… Lulu - 'My English is very bad!'

Julie and Lolo internetting – trying to link up in virtual space with Sam and Pete!

Julie, Lulu and Sophie

Killer Lulu demonstrating classic Frenchman ‘shrug’!

Peter up a tree fixing up floodlight!

Lolo fire-breathing!

The next day Jay-Jay, Lolo and Seb set up their instruments and had a jam session in the garden, Lolo has a music studio in his truck complete with drum machine and mixers etc. They sounded really good, I particularly like the song dedicated to Bob Marley written by Lolo. You can hear some of the music from the ‘Rasso’ that backs the video on the Mercotribe website that Lolo made with a montage of images from the weekend. The headlights that you see near the end of the video are from our van as we arrived!

In the evening we all went to a nearby bar/restaurant called the Cottage run by an Englishman!

And in the morning… a mist settled round the scene … and a mountain of bottles! We said our goodbyes to Lulu and Seb that night and in the following misty morning we bade a sad farewell to Lolo, with confirmation that we will be back for the next rasso around the 4th of June for Lolo’s birthday!

Off to Bergerac, Bordeaux and Biarritz!!!

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