Sunday, 20 May 2007

Barcelona to France

Over more mountains!!

These weird and wonderful mountain ridges look like a stegosaurus!

We made a detour to allow to stop off for a walk round Solsona and visit its Museo Diocesano y Comarcal ( Diocesan and Regional Museum) that houses the Museo de la Sal (Salt Museum) where they have a table where everything is carved out of blocks of salt –including the setting, the food and the weird pinnacled centrepiece. Unfortunately we got there too late as it closes early at 2 pm on a Sunday!! We did get these photos of the lovely cupola of the Cathedral though, the Moorish influence in the colours and stylised flowers can be seen.

These carved water spouts are great!!

First glimpse of the Pyrenees!

…and a final Spanish hilltop town!...

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