Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Bayonne, Biarritz and Basque

We headed for the camperstop at Hendaye-sur-Plage thinking that this would be quieter than the huge stop at Biarritz (where you also had to pay… the first one we had encountered). The area from outside Bayonne, Anglet, Biarritz and down the coast through St Jean-de-Luz and Urrugne through to Hendaye is one huge built up area. We found Hendaye but after going round and round couldn’t find the Camperstop. We decided to head for countryside and a little place called St Pee-sur-Nivelle. The first ‘e’ in Pee should have an accent over it but I can’t find accented letters on this keyboard. This is a lovely spot by an artificial lake. There is a small charge for this one also – 5 Euros, but we didn’t have to pay as the barrier was up when we went in so we thought you paid as you went out. We discovered in the morning as we were leaving that we should have paid (all automatic done through credit or debit card) to get in which lifted the barrier. The barrier lifts automatically on going out. We think there was a ‘van parked near to the barrier that kept it lifted. We only had to pay 1 euro for the water and grey water dump in the end!
Some of the wildlife around the camperstop...
This is part of the Basque region and I knew they have a separate language and identity from the French and Spanish but had no idea just how different the language is. It looks a bit like Aztec with some Greek thrown n, all K’s and X’s!! Lots of the towns and villages have trees, I think they are plane trees, which they prune and shape to join up and form a canopy to provide shade in the summer. This was by far the best we had seen where the trees grow over and form a canopy over the whole road!

This avenue of trees was so narrow we only just got through!

This road lead us eventually to the road that crosses the border into Spain.

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