Thursday, 12 April 2007

Back over the sea to Scotland… Edinburgh

Stopping briefly at a couple of campsites around Dumfries we made our way to my sister Jeanette’s home in Edinburgh where she stays with her partner Cameron and their two little girls Ailith and Rhianna (known to most as ‘Boo’ !!)

They live very close to the new Scottish parliament building, we quite liked this view of the side of the building.

We picked up some books we had ordered from the internet and got delivered to Jeanette’s address. These were on motor-homing and included books on where to stop overnight for free or very cheaply in France and the rest of Europe. It seems that the rest of Europe ie not UK or Eire is very motor home friendly.

Off the next day heading for Mickleton, County Durham, where Peter’s brother James lives.

Pictures of the border stones on the A68!
Bye, bye Scotland!!

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