Thursday, 12 April 2007


Referring again to the ‘pubs with camping’ info we located ‘The Dirty Duck’ just outside Grantham.

Picture of pub and close up of the wind-vane which gives a clue as to the origin of the pub’s name ;o}

Some views of the canal and lock gates by the pub. This is part of the restored Grantham canal.

More early spring flowers…

Red Dead Nettle Lamium purpureum the little booklet from Middleton gives vexation, cruelty, spite as the meaning for nettle flowers but this may just mean stinging nettles!

Dog’s violet Viola riviniana , violets meaning faithfulness. Unlike Sweet Violets dog’s violets , appearing earlier than the latter, have no smell. The colour of violets and their drooping heads made them the symbol of death and ill-luck; and to dream of them foretold a death or epidemic.

White Dead Nettle Lamium Album

Blackthorn blossom meanings etc given on Mickleton blog.

Catkins on Willow Salix Alba the White Willow, meaning mourning or forsaken in the language of flowers, and willow has many funerary associations and has always been used as a funerary herb. Branches of willow were traditionally placed in coffins and young willow saplings were planted on graves. Nice to thin k this tradition and connection are being kept up-to-date in the modern ‘green burials’ often incorporating a wicker coffin woven from willow stems. Known as ‘Saile’ in Irish/gaelic and representing s in Ogham. The willow is famous for the discovery of Salicylic Acid in its bark, the forerunner of ‘Aspirin’.

View of Belvoir Castle from the road coming from the pub.

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