Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Eguzon encore !!

We arrived back in Eguzon on Monday 2nd April and went to ‘Les Nugiras’ the municipal campsite a few kilometres from the village. The cost is very reasonable – 5.60 Euros per night for a place and 2 people (about £3.75 per night). This includes all the facilities except electricity hook-up, which we didn’t bother with, and washing machine, which we did!

The gasket that Peter had fitted in Aberdeen blew again, as he had not used new studs and nuts) and was making a noise so Peter phoned Bell’s Trucks in Spennymoor near Darlington, near where his brother stays in Mickleton (see previous post!) as they do Mercedes parts, and got them to send out the bits to the post office in Eguzon. We booked in four days initially. We also decided to do a bit of house-hunting as we had seen a few old properties we liked the sound of on the internet.

We approached one of the ‘immobliers’ – estate agents offices I Eguzon and I prepared what I needed to say in French in my head – only to be met by a ‘hello’ in a Herefordshire accent! Hilary had previously run an auberge – an inn with a pub and this was her first day in her new job in her new office. Unfortunately the company catered specially for the Brit market, and so unless you wanted to pay through the nose, or join a British Ghetto, they did not have the kind of property we wanted. Finding some of the properties was an adventure in itself as directions tend to be very sketchy. This is probably deliberate as negotiations with the seller could prove to be a lot cheaper than through one of these agencies. Anyway there were no properties anything like what we wanted so we have put house-hunting on hold for a while as we have found that we quite like this nomadic life and discovering new places!

End of part 1

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