Thursday, 12 April 2007

Great Yarmouth and East Anglia

We journeyed on to Great Yarmouth to visit my brother Andy. Met him at his local ‘The Albert’ ( forgot to take piccies!) and had a fish supper with Andy at home. We thought we had found a pub nearby with a campsite but when we got there it was all closed up ! We journeyed on to Sizewell ( of the Nuclear Power Station fame) and pitched up at the ‘Vulcan Arms’, there’s been a pub there since the turn of last century so, sadly, nothing to do with ‘Star Trek’!

Although one of their publicity leaflets does have a little picture of Mr Spock saying “It’s the logical choice, Jim!”

Pictures of the beach and campsite showing the very near proximity of the power station!

Went for a walk along the beach and saw this place ‘Sizewell Hall’ once a stately home now a Christian religious retreat, we were informed by a local resident.

Also found these plants…

Alexanders Smyrnium oleraceum, a biennial plant associated with coastal areas in England, Wales and Ireland. Nothing in flower language or folklore books about these. Collins’ Herbs and Healing Plants advise they can aid digestion and the juice can be used clean cuts. In ancient times the Roman’s used these in stews and they were planted as a vegetable in monasteries. As it said the young stems can be eaten like asparagus, we did, along with…

Sea kale Crambe maritima.

…and finally the first spotting of primroses Primula vulgaris we didn’t eat these!!

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